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If you are interested in kittens from us please complete this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we are expecting new litters.

Here at Pantherajedi Bengals we are breeders of quality Bengal cats and have kittens available all year to loving, indoor homes.

We breed Spotted, Marble, Rosette, Arrowhead, Pawprints and Clouded patterns in Brown, all 3 Snows - Lynx Point - Mink - Sepia, Silver, Silver Smoke and sometimes Solid Snows,  We sometimes have available Silver Snows.

Bengals are not like other cats. Their coat is silky soft with the tips of the fur dipped in glitter that shimmers in the sunshine. The glitter is on their puffy whisker pads and right the way down to the tips of their tails.

The Bengal will hold conversations with you, follow you around and are very playful. They also love water and will play with the water in their bowls or jump in the bath or shower with you. They have boundless energy, are strong and love to climb, the higher the cat tree the better. They love human companionship and will follow you from room to room. They are very demanding of your attention. You are never alone when you are owned by a Bengal.

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