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In 2017, we became the first owners and future breeders of Toybobs!  We took our stud boy Bobby to his first show in Leatherhead in May 2017, on exhibition with TICA.  They were very well received, and even though weren't being judged and entered into the competition were examined by the judges with lovely comments.

Toybobs are a lot smaller than the average cat, becoming fully grown at the same size as a 3-6 month old normal domestic cat.  They have strong, muscular bodies with a short bobbed tail consisting of several kinked vertebras.  They are very active, playful and full of beans, as well as being affectionate and obedient.

History of the breed

The first recorded references to the Toybob breed dates back to early 2000, when the first breeders from the Ural region of Russia became interested in this type of small native cat. Their attention first drawn to unusually small cats found within Natalya Fedyaeva's “Si-Savat” cattery, and later the “Little Angel” cattery. Also added to the creation of one early Toybob line, were two cats similar in type, a male named ”Gabriel” and his female littermate “Glafira”. These two cats of comparable phenotype were acquired from a breeder in the Rostov area of Russia who was breeding their own small cats going by the name “Skif-Thai-Toy-Don”.

NEWSFLASH - First TOYBOB babies born in the UK in our cattery.   Kittens available soon.

Bon Mr Vassiliy (Bobby)

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